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Genetic testing

Just finished swabbing my cheek and placing the sample in an envelope marked biohazard.  The sample will be mailed to Interleukin Genetics.  They will test it for the IL1 genes which display patterns that can play a role in my body’s inflammatory response.  “A positive result means that your body probably has a lifelong tendency to accelerate the effects of  LDL or “bad” cholesterol which may result in increased risk for heart attack at a younger age.  More than 30% of those taking the test wll have positive results and may benefit from specific nutritional and lifestyle changes.”

quoted from Interleukin Genetics, Gensona >Heart Health Genetic Test Brochure.

When I can pick my head up from tax season, I will include more information on the cutting edge research into the bodys’ inflammatory response and how it is linked with heart disease, cancer and diabetes type 2.

Within the week I will have the results and will post what I’m doing about it.


Author: Laura Powell Like

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