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Time to Wake Up and Add Color to Your Life!

After hibernating for 2 months it’s time to wake up, yawn, stretch and walk out of the cave to see what’s new.  Attending a seminar presented by Nutrilite last weekend  has helped to stimulate the winter-dulled mind and re-energize the  stiff, slow body.  

At the seminar we learned that  consuming different colors in your daily 7 to 9 servings of  fruit and vegetables are the latest nutrition recommendations.  Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, Purple and Orange are the colors associated with different phytonutrients found in plant-based food.  For example, green fruit and vegetables contain EGCG, Lutein/Zeaxanthin, isoflavone, and Isothiocyanate.  These unpronounceable food factors maintain cell health, lung health, liver function and support arterial function.   Red fruits and vegetables contain Lycopene and Ellagic Acid which support prostate and DNA health.  Our bodies were designed to perform with optimal health while living in a garden of endless variety.  However, the  number of Americans that fall short of eating enough phytonutrients on a daily basis is 70 to 80%. 

 What to do?  How do we incorporate the phytonutrients from 7 to 9 servings of plant foods each day while getting a balance of all the colors?  How many of you grow your own vegetables and fruit without pesticides and away from pollution laden air?  Also, Cauliflower and Eggplant may not be among your favorites.  You can drive yourselves and your families crazy, forcing them to eat things they don’t like and trying to keep track of all of the colors consumed.  Or you can do your best to incorporate as many colors and servings into their diets as possible and take a good, plant-based supplement for what is lacking.  Everyone will be much happier with the latter approach. 

My recommendations are to find a supplement company that grows, harvests and processes their own plant materials on organically certified farms.  Nutrilite is such a company and they have supplements for adults and children that fill in the gaps in your diet.  Also, when you shop for food, try to buy organically grown fruit and vegetables in a variety of colors.  The closer you are to the grower, the better.  nutrients begin to break down as soon as the food is picked and in two weeks time a piece of fruit can lose 50% or more of its vitamins.  If you live in a place that is frozen during the winter, go to the freezer section of the grocery store and select vegetables and fruit that have been flash frozen right after picking. 

And finally, incorporate as many colors as you can into every meal.  Yesterday I had a omlette with mushrooms, celery and onions, a blueberry muffin and a glass of orange juice for breakfast.  For lunch I added celery and red apples to chicken breast and made chicken salad with raw carrots on the side and fresh pineapple for dessert.  The days of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn are over.  Try to introduce one new fruit or vegetable a week and if your family rebels, let them take supplements.  Just don’t give up, optimal health is too important!

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