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July 25 Day 1

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Last night I was reading the home page of a Face Book friend and I noticed that she liked a documentary named, Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross.  So I downloaded it from Netflix and watched it.  This is the boost I’ve been looking for with my own eating plan.  The Reboot juice fast will be perfect for this time of year, especially since we have a vegetable garden.  So, here goes, I’m going to stay on the juice fast for 15 days adding in steamed vegetables and occasionally whole grains, and nuts and plain soymilk.

Began my morning with a soy shake made from :  1 cup plain lite soymilk, handful of frozen strawberries, 1 scoop Nutrilite Protein Powder and 1 stick of Nutrilite Invisifiber.  This is basically the same shake I’ve been drinking for breakfast for years.  It is very satisfying, especially in the early morning when my stomach isn’t ready for food.

About 20 minutes before drinking my shake I have taken 2 Nutrilite Slimmetry and 1 Nutrilite Glucose health.  These supplements help me with appetite suppression and carbohydrate metabolism.  I’ve been using them since April and believe they have helped with the 12 pound weight loss.

10:30am  Just returned from pulling weeds in the vegetable garden, 2 hours worth!  Also picked fresh blackberries and corn,  pulled carrots and beets and snipped fresh kale.  So, that gives me lots of choices for todays juices and steamed vegetables.   I will post the recipes that I come up with under the Healthy Recipes category on this blog page.  Just look for todays’ date.


Author: Laura Powell Like

Hi my name is Laura Powell Like. My career in nursing, healthy lifestyles and prevention of disease spans over 25 years. A graduate degree in Parent-Child nursing has helped me work in the field of womens health, raise 4 children of my own and study research concerning how to acheive a healthy lifestyle in the western culture. Currently I own a business and focus on mentoring other leaders as well as making recommendations to my clients about diet, supplementation, exercise and prevention of disease. I consult with experts and health practitioners who have the education and experience needed to fully answer my clients questions and concerns. This blog is about education, personal experience, and getting the word out. So enjoy, I welcome your comments and questions.

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