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July 26 Recipes

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Mint Tea w Stevia

I decided to grow Stevia this summer and now that it is a healthy plant with many branches I trimmed one branch with maybe 20 leaves on it and added it to 10 stalks of fresh Spearmint and 2 stalks of fresh peppermint.  Steeped in 2 quarts of just boiled filtered water it makes a delicious cold or hot tea.  The Stevia was actually too sweet so next time I will cut it back to 10 leaves per 2 quarts of water.


Author: Laura Powell Like

Hi my name is Laura Powell Like. My career in nursing, healthy lifestyles and prevention of disease spans over 25 years. A graduate degree in Parent-Child nursing has helped me work in the field of womens health, raise 4 children of my own and study research concerning how to acheive a healthy lifestyle in the western culture. Currently I own a business and focus on mentoring other leaders as well as making recommendations to my clients about diet, supplementation, exercise and prevention of disease. I consult with experts and health practitioners who have the education and experience needed to fully answer my clients questions and concerns. This blog is about education, personal experience, and getting the word out. So enjoy, I welcome your comments and questions.

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