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July 28, Reboot Day 4

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In review, I’m fasting with fresh fruit and vegetable juices made in my own juicer for 15 days.  I will be adding some nuts, rolled oats and solid vegetables once a day but mainly subsisting on micronutrients.  It’s called a reboot and the whole experience will be documented here.

Last night I slept soundly and felt very relaxed when I awoke this morning.  That hasn’t happened in at least 18 months since I was nursing my dad before his death.  This stage in life is full of new experiences just like all of the other stages.  Instead of working on intimacy or competency, I’m learning to let go of the people I love while my hormones are receding.  So,  after last night I’m realizing how much my sleep pattern has been affected.

Today I feel great and I’m still enjoying the juices plus I’ve come up with a veggie burger from mushrooms that I’m going to try this evening.  I’ll let you know whether the recipe is worthy of repeating.  The hunger for other foods beyond juice is gone and even the temptation to eat what I’m fixing for my family.  It’s such a great feeling to know that I’m going to accomplish this 15 day fast.  🙂


Author: Laura Powell Like

Hi my name is Laura Powell Like. My career in nursing, healthy lifestyles and prevention of disease spans over 25 years. A graduate degree in Parent-Child nursing has helped me work in the field of womens health, raise 4 children of my own and study research concerning how to acheive a healthy lifestyle in the western culture. Currently I own a business and focus on mentoring other leaders as well as making recommendations to my clients about diet, supplementation, exercise and prevention of disease. I consult with experts and health practitioners who have the education and experience needed to fully answer my clients questions and concerns. This blog is about education, personal experience, and getting the word out. So enjoy, I welcome your comments and questions.

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