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90 Day Vegan Adventure – Knee pain

I’ve found two products, a dietary supplement and a pharmaceutical that help tremendously with arthritic knee pain and stiffness.  The supplement is Glucosamine, 1500 mgms per day in the form of a twist tube that is added to a 16 oz. bottle of water.  If you are like me,  I get tired of taking supplements in pill form and this delicious raspberry flavored liquid makes even drinking water fun.  The best part is the extra lubrication in the margins of my joints.  When I don’t drink it the knees are definitely more painful and stiff.

The second product is a topical spray called Ultra Speed Sport Spray.  It is applied to the offending joint or muscle and rubbed briskly, then re-applied.  It does not produce a burning or freezing sensation rather the pain relief is instantaneous.  Used every 2 hours gives me an almost pain-free day.

Both of these products can be found on, you guessed it,  Just click the shop our store tab and enter Joint Health or Ultra Speed in the search.


Author: Laura Powell Like

Hi my name is Laura Powell Like. My career in nursing, healthy lifestyles and prevention of disease spans over 25 years. A graduate degree in Parent-Child nursing has helped me work in the field of womens health, raise 4 children of my own and study research concerning how to acheive a healthy lifestyle in the western culture. Currently I own a business and focus on mentoring other leaders as well as making recommendations to my clients about diet, supplementation, exercise and prevention of disease. I consult with experts and health practitioners who have the education and experience needed to fully answer my clients questions and concerns. This blog is about education, personal experience, and getting the word out. So enjoy, I welcome your comments and questions.

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