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Immune Health – How to Starve a Cold

Echinacea! Hard to spell and pronounce but it sure works to starve a cold.  Sunday evening I had a scratchy feeling in my throat and felt drained of energy, a sure sign that a common variety cold was beginning.  I began taking Nutrilite Echinacea before bed and  continued to take the recommended dosage thru Tuesday.  Today the cold is gone.  The worst symptoms were the dry, scratchy throat and a runny nose.

There are two rules to successfully starving a cold with Echinacea. Take it when  you first start to feel the cold symptoms and continue to take the recommended dosage until your symptoms are gone.  The second rule is to make sure that when you purchase Echinacea that it has active ingredient from the whole plant.  Many of the teas and other formulas on the market have only one part of the plant in them and are not as effective.

The Nutrilite brand includes three distinct, organically grown forms of Echinacea with careful attention to preserving the natural plant chemistry.  They also standardize the active ingredients so that each tablet contains the same formula.

One of my friends, a teacher,  routinely orders Nutrilite Echinacea from our website and raves about it.  She calls it “that wonder drug” and she always has a bottle on hand for the winter months.  If you would like to starve your colds before they get fat and happy, find an effective Echinacea formula.  Of course, I recommend Nutrilite.

To order the Nutrilite brand go to our website, and click on  Shop Our Store>Nutrition>Vitamins & Supplements>Shop Now>Immune Health.

Author: Laura Powell Like

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