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Owning My Skinny Genes

The genetic results are in.  I am what is known as a Fat Burner.  In order for me to reach an optimal body weight I need to keep my Fat consumption under 30% of my total calories per day and I need to workout intensely at least 3 times per week.  The MET total for the week needs to be a minimum of 13.  The MET is a value assigned to different exercises.  For example, riding my bike outdoors with hills for 45 minutes is an 8 MET activity.

So, what does all of this mean?  That for me fat is the problem, and lofat eating is the way to stay healthy.  This genetic test has confirmed some things that I already knew about my body and has given me a definite path.  No more stabbing in the dark, wondering if I should go hi-protein, lo-carb or a balanced approach or Mediteranian or Asian, or fasting for 2 days per week, etc., etc., etc. It is such a relief.


90 Day Vegetarian Adventure Day 1 – For the Diet Junkies

Today, August 9th, is the first day of my new Vegetarian Adventure.  With the 15 day reboot over, my palate is cleansed and I feel a clear connection with my body, free of compulsion.  That’s big for me.  Yesterday was the last day of the Reboot and when I could choose foods other than, fruits, and vegetables, I really wanted a bagel and Swiss cheese.   So I gave in to the craving and it tasted great.  Now I’m ready to begin the 90 Day Vegan Adventure without the distraction of  that particular craving.

My plan is to eliminate dairy, except for yogurt, and all animal meat from my diet.  Basically, to eat the way I imagine the first people on earth ate in the Garden of Eden.  I think our bodies were originally designed to repair themselves based on that type of diet.  Dr. Duke Johnson agrees with me in his book entitled, Optimal Health.  More about this subject later this week.

You see, diets do not work.  Eventually, we aren’t listening to what our bodies and emotions really want and they become a form of deprivation.  There is a good series that I recommend you read by Geneen Roth.  The books are entitled, Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating and Why Weight. (See Library heading on this blog)   If you have been a diet junkie, going from diet to diet, losing weight and gaining it back plus more, these books are for you.  They advise you to break free from the diet cycle and begin to listen to your body which may take the best part of a year.  During the break free year I followed her advice: eating exactly what I wanted when I was hungry;  stopping when I was full; along with a few other simple behavioral changes.  I gained about 10 pounds and learned to take care of myself while listening to my body.

Then, I highly recommend some sort of fast to cleanse your body and clear your palate.  The Juice Reboot recommended by the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Documentary  and website worked for me. The cleansing is essential because you need to break free from unhealthy addictions and habits. However, the first thing you must do before starting any change in your eating or exercise habits is to consult a physician, especially if you have a chronic health condition and/or are taking medication on a regular basis.

Tomorrow I will continue this theme with more suggestions for your library and a word about supplements.  The goal is to change habits resulting in a healthier lifestyle and all of the advice in this blog will be based on personal research and experience.  So, I hope you will continue to follow me on this vegetarian adventure.

Genetic Testing for Biggest Losers!

Want to join the ranks of the biggest losers without being humiliated on TV?  There is genetic testing available to determine which diet and lifestyle changes will work the best for your particular genetic variation.

Recently my daughter has ordered a genetic test for health that detects certain variations influencing the nutrient digestion and metabolism.  Her particular results outline the study of 16 different genes with 5 variations on 4 genes that affect fat metabolism.  The personal report explained how the variations affected amino acid production in the gut that caused the absorption of fat.  She was given detailed recommendations on diet, exercise, and lifestyle to move her forward toward optimal health.  We were very impressed with the ease of the testing and the information returned to her.  With this new testing available, the myriad of choices for weight loss can be narrowed down to match  individual metabolism.  Genetic testing for the biggest losers here we come.

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Genetic Testing Results

So, the test results came back and I have the IL1 gene for increased inflammation and risk of heart disease and stroke.

My husband on the other hand who also took the test does not have the gene.  So there are 8 things I can do now to help prevent chronic disease in the future.  They are found in the book entitled The Optimal Health Revolution by Duke Johnson, MD.  More on the eight pillars of Optimal Health later, dinner is ready.

Genetic testing

Just finished swabbing my cheek and placing the sample in an envelope marked biohazard.  The sample will be mailed to Interleukin Genetics.  They will test it for the IL1 genes which display patterns that can play a role in my body’s inflammatory response.  “A positive result means that your body probably has a lifelong tendency to accelerate the effects of  LDL or “bad” cholesterol which may result in increased risk for heart attack at a younger age.  More than 30% of those taking the test wll have positive results and may benefit from specific nutritional and lifestyle changes.”

quoted from Interleukin Genetics, Gensona >Heart Health Genetic Test Brochure.

When I can pick my head up from tax season, I will include more information on the cutting edge research into the bodys’ inflammatory response and how it is linked with heart disease, cancer and diabetes type 2.

Within the week I will have the results and will post what I’m doing about it.