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August 6 Reboot Day 12 and 13 A Night Out.

Missing Day 12 will be added in to Day 13 because I went out with my hubby last nite to Chipotle and a movie.  Dinner was great because I was able to order all fresh vegetables and guacamole.  Shared some chips with my date and they weren’t on the fast but they tasted amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  Everyone at the movies was munching popcorn and had oversize cups of soda.  Once the movie started I didn’t even notice that we weren’t snacking along with the crowd.  I thoroughly enjoyed our evening out and instead of focusing on food I was able to give my full attention to the special man in my life, my husband.

Day 12 has been a day of exercise, walked two miles with a knee brace and a day of preserving peaches and tomatoes.  The fresh peaches from Cavetown make me long for the Garden of Eden.  I’ll bet they were a favorite of Adam and Eve too.


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August 4 Reboot Day 11 The Home Stretch

The last 5 days of the reboot are considered the home stretch.  I’m incorporating more steamed and baked vegetables instead of juicing everything and have added nuts, fresh pineapple and tofu today.  Still not eating meat, dairy, refined flour or sugar.  Also, very little whole grains though a limited quantity of brown rice was part of dinner last night with beans. I’m still juicing during the day and adding in the chewable foods in the evening.

The miracle is that I want to eat this way, it’s not just a diet that I can’t wait to finish so I can get back to burgers and fries.   I even went shopping for fresh veggies and fruit at Wegmans’ .   A trip I’ve been dreading due to half of the store set up for impulse eating.  Actually I didn’t like the smell of the restaurant and deli sections so I bought whole wheat buns and got out of there.  The rest of the trip was fine, I didn’t splurge on anything unhealthy.  What a relief, I wasn’t even tempted.  I can do this!


August 3 Reboot Day 10 The Nitty Gritty

Now it’s down to the nitty-gritty.  Paying bills, juggling schedules, babysitting, fatigue, frustration, are all of the everyday events that used to send me to the freezer for ice cream or to the local fast food place for french fries.  How do you handle the challenges of living without relying on the numbing effect of food?  I welcome your suggestions and comments.


August 2 Reboot Day 9 The Spiritual Experience

Fasting and prayer go together.  During the last 8 days I’ve experienced a closer, thankful connection with God.  As of yesterday,  2 friends have contacted me and shared circumstances that need intercessory prayer.  Both friends were unaware that I was fasting.  Isn’t it interesting how God prepares us for ministry before we know that we are needed.

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August 1 Reboot Day 8 Results

Results are what this fast is all about and at this point  it’s time to reveal some of the positive  physical changes that are taking place.  First of all I’ve lost 8 more pounds since starting the fast, 20 pounds in all since changing my eating habits in April.  The rosacea on my face has gone into remission and the excema on my left hand is clearing.  My knees are less stiff and painful but still hurt.  Sleep is much better, sound sleep versus waking every 2 to 3 hours.

The best result I think is the cleansing of my taste buds.  Fat, salt and sugar tend to overpower the flavor of food, masking it’s taste.  Usually it takes 2 weeks to clear the palate so that you can experience and appreciate the flavor of fresh vegetables and fruit.  I have a heightened experience of taste now that I didn’t have before.  Fresh corn unslathered, sun ripened tomatoes, sweet cucumbers, peaches that taste almost perfumed and mint from the backyard are incredibly delicious and I’m not craving fat, sugar and salt either.   The juices made from these gifts of nature are delicious and satisfying.  Waxing poetic over vegetables and fruit, a great unexpected outcome!

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July 31 Reboot Day 7 Celebrating a Birthday

A birthday celebration has to have cake and ice cream, right?  Wrong, we celebrated my husbands birthday with a main pasta dish with pesto, plates of steamed and raw veggies as sides and a low-fat shortbread with fresh peaches.  I enjoyed the veggies and made some fresh peach juice for dessert.  It was a day of temptations but as long as I didn’t let myself get hungry, I survived.  The focus of the day was on the celebration and family time, not on the food.  Won the weekly scrabble game which also made it a great day!