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July 30 Reboot Day 6 A Word About Caffeine

Yesterday afternoon I added a bottle of Perfect Water Focus to my fast.  This is a great oxygenated water that has recently added vitamins, natural flavoring and green tea to the product line.  I drank the one with the green tea and consumed about 5 mgms of caffeine.  Great product for focus, however, I know now that caffeine and my body do not get along at all.  I was awake until 3:00am and had a jittery, low blood sugar feeling.  Something I’ve not had during the last 5 days of fasting.  So, during this fast I’m able to see how my body reacts to certain nutrients and chemicals when they are re-introduced to my diet.  Caffeine, I can live without. The original Perfect Water  will be the next test.

Day 5 What Gets Me Through Pt.2

Going for a quick drive with the sun roof open and listening to one of my favorite radio stations; Sitting on the front porch swing and talking to God;  Tea made from fresh mint.  All of these “reward” activities get my mind and senses off of the dulling subject of food.

July 28, Reboot Day 4

In review, I’m fasting with fresh fruit and vegetable juices made in my own juicer for 15 days.  I will be adding some nuts, rolled oats and solid vegetables once a day but mainly subsisting on micronutrients.  It’s called a reboot and the whole experience will be documented here.

Last night I slept soundly and felt very relaxed when I awoke this morning.  That hasn’t happened in at least 18 months since I was nursing my dad before his death.  This stage in life is full of new experiences just like all of the other stages.  Instead of working on intimacy or competency, I’m learning to let go of the people I love while my hormones are receding.  So,  after last night I’m realizing how much my sleep pattern has been affected.

Today I feel great and I’m still enjoying the juices plus I’ve come up with a veggie burger from mushrooms that I’m going to try this evening.  I’ll let you know whether the recipe is worthy of repeating.  The hunger for other foods beyond juice is gone and even the temptation to eat what I’m fixing for my family.  It’s such a great feeling to know that I’m going to accomplish this 15 day fast.  🙂


July 27 Reboot Recipe

Fresh Tomato Gazpacho:  First of all, let me say that fresh, ripe tomatoes from Mountaindale, MD are the best grown anywhere.  For this recipe select 2 large, fresh tomatoes, 1 long seeded red sweet pepper, 1 stalk celery, 2 scallions, 10 Thai basil  leaves, juice from 1/4 of a lime.  Run vegetables thru a juicer and garnish with chopped basil and lime juice.  A fresh peeled cucumber would be a nice addition also, juiced or seeded and chopped.