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Fasting is like Running

Lately i’ve been discussing dietary fasting with my niece who is a marathoner and we realized that participating in the various fasts is like running in marathons. For a runner each established race is a notch in their belt with bragging rights. There’s the Marine Corps Marathon, Boston Marathon, The Mud Run. For the health conscious participating in the various fasts is also grounds for bragging.  There is the 15 Day Juice Reboot, The 7-day cleanse and the 40 days of Lent.  The endurance and mental focus needed to successfully finish both disciplines are the same.

My next fast will be the 21 Days to Breakthrough with our church family. It begins on January 2. The details are on (keyword: breakthrough).  Anyone who wants to join me please send me a comment.  Maybe I’ll get a plaque for my office  or a bumper sticker for the back windshield of my car or maybe a pin ….