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Restaurant Review – Family Meal, Frederick, MD

Usually I don’t write reviews but I’ve been so inspired by the cuisine at the Family Meal that I have to tell someone. So, you, my faithful blog readers get to enjoy my first Restaurant Review ever. The Voltaggio brothers came to my attention when they competed on a reality TV show for Chefs. During or after their TV debut, Bryan Voltaggio remodeled a lovely old office building in downtown Frederick and opened the VOLT restaurant for high-end foodies from around the country. Of course the menu is posted outside of the restaurant without prices which is a signal to my budget that I’m not goin’ there.

Fortunately for Frederick, we now have another medium priced restaurant opened by Mr Voltaggio in an old car dealership which has been vacant for years on the industrial side of town. The Family Meal provides a diner style atmosphere with standard menu items that have been given a Voltaggio remodel.

I tried the Chicken Pot Pie Fritters as an appetizer and they were a delightful surprise. Just a bite of authentic potpie taste and texture. I could have eaten a whole mountain of them but would have been too full for the next course. The chopped greens salad with country ham and hard cooked eggs was fresh, beautiful to look at and didn’t taste like a typical chef salad. The combination of ingredients and salad dressing gave every bite  a complete combination of flavors.  Along with the salad I ordered french fries cooked in peanut oil with 3 dipping sauces. The perfectly cooked fries and the dipping sauces were sublime. The spicy Aioli was my husbands favorite and I loved the Smokey Ketchup and Cilantro Oil as well.  At this point I will apologize to the restaurant for not listing the exact names off of the menu. My memory will have to suffice.  Red Velvet Cake served like a trifle with rich frozen custard and raspberry jam finished the meal.  I accompanied my desert with coffee served in a diner mug with a tin creamer shaped like an open milk box. The roasted coffee has just enough flavor to be distinctive rather than Starbucks burned.

Overall, there were only 2 disappointments.The menu listed country ham as part of my salad, and in this part of the country that would have been sugar-cured ham. This was not the case. And the concentration of flavors in my dessert were in layers so in order to experience them together I would have needed a very tall spoon.  However, these disappointments are not enough to keep me away. Now, I want to go back to try the Fries in Duck Fat, Fried Chicken with Buttermilk biscuits and the Apple Crisp with Ice Cream.

The cost was in the medium range. A satisfying meal for 2 with tip was 54.00. Thank you Bryan Voltaggio for providing gourmet meals for frugal foodies like me. Looking forward to the next . . .