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90 Day Vegan Adventure – Knee pain

I’ve found two products, a dietary supplement and a pharmaceutical that help tremendously with arthritic knee pain and stiffness.  The supplement is Glucosamine, 1500 mgms per day in the form of a twist tube that is added to a 16 oz. bottle of water.  If you are like me,  I get tired of taking supplements in pill form and this delicious raspberry flavored liquid makes even drinking water fun.  The best part is the extra lubrication in the margins of my joints.  When I don’t drink it the knees are definitely more painful and stiff.

The second product is a topical spray called Ultra Speed Sport Spray.  It is applied to the offending joint or muscle and rubbed briskly, then re-applied.  It does not produce a burning or freezing sensation rather the pain relief is instantaneous.  Used every 2 hours gives me an almost pain-free day.

Both of these products can be found on, you guessed it,  Just click the shop our store tab and enter Joint Health or Ultra Speed in the search.



90 Day Vegan Adventure Day 9 Struggling

At the beginning of the week I had my blood work drawn and had a conference with my Doctor about my knees and cholesterol.  The LDL number is high enough to treat with  medication.  My knees are slightly arthritic and the left knee has a bone fragment that is floating.  Even though surgery is in the near future, a lower weight would help all of these conditions.  So, the 90 Day Vegan Adventure isn’t only about a new eating habit, it’s also about weight loss.  The catch-22 is exercising with a bum knee.  Yoga has worked for flexibility and strength but I need an inexpensive form of aerobic exercise that doesn’t cause knee pain.  Recommendations are welcome.