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Nothing New Under The Sun

When I lived in Boulder, CO I was surrounded by vegetarian hippie friends who meditated, loved living in back to nature communities and were in my opinion aggressively mellow.  They preached tolerance, vegetarianism, and love until you disagreed with them.  Then they turned on you, sort of like a pit bull.

Reading blogs written by Vegans, who are the new vegetarians, remind me of the friends in Colorado.  They proselytize their way of eating, turning it into a religion that condemns meat eaters as evil, and themselves as the righteous ones.  Aggressive mellowness all over again.

Human beings never change.  When they decide on a way of life that works for them, they seek to evangelize everyone who doesn’t agree with them.  Instead of condemning the meat eaters to hell, why not enjoy Vegan eating and share your recipes and wellness with those that are seeking a healthier way of life.  Share your eating style with joy, love and peace.  Give the pit bull away to someone who needs him, maybe a politician.  What was it Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes, ” there’s nothing new under the sun”?