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Menopause – What to Do After the War

For those of us who have made it through menopause to the other side or have lived with someone who has made it, this post is for you.  Do you feel like you have battled in a war with your own body for years?  For me, there were nine years when I was uncomfortable in my skin and my emotions were volatile.  I was definitely in warrior mode.  Always spoiling for a fight and feeling like I had to wear body armour to deflect the hurts that were flying toward me. 

It was like being in a battle.  Of course, it is also the stage in life when your children are separating from you with all of their hormonal tactics and your husband is going through his own losses.  This war absorbs who you are and your purpose in life until all you are doing is fighting to survive.

Well, now the battle is over, your body has changed and it’s time to clean up the battlefield and help the wounded.  You can take off the armour and put your sword in the corner. Bring the pain, disappointment, anger, bitterness and lack of forgiveness to the surface so you can heal and move to the second half of your life.

Restore the relationships that you slaughtered.  Reassure everyone that your emotions are stabilizing.  Express your feelings, taking responsibility for them.  Ask for forgiveness and in turn forgive.  Call your children and let them know that you love them.  If you still have a husband, let him know that you love and respect him as well.  Take time to think about who you are and what your purpose in life will be from this day on.  

It is also a good time to check your level of physical wellness.  Maybe it’s time to put your body back together.  Begin with a physical exam and face the changes that you need to make for optimal health.  Building a life of no regrets is the next task. .  Have you done all you can do to improve your well-being? 

These are the issues you will be dealing with until you can free yourself from the past. You can overcome.  Living in peace is the reward.  Admit that you were gone but now you are back and the menopausal war is over.

Conquering Dry Skin, My Favorites Part 2

This post continues the series on dry skin and how to conquer it.  The Winter of 2012 is my first after menopause so I’ve had to make changes in how I care for my skin.  Preventing and treating dryness is now the priority. Part 1 focused on my face and Part 2 outlines my favorite products for  lips, hands, and heels.*

The product for dry hands that I take with me everywhere is  Artistry Creme Caramel Hand Creme.  It comes in a 2 fl.oz. size tube which fits well in pockets and purses.  The scent is out of this world and it stays on my hands through 2 -3 washings.

For the rest of my skin, especially legs and heels I’ve discovered the new Artistry Essentials Hydrating Botanical Spa Collection.  These three products remove dry skin and moisturize like the treatments I get at the nail spa.  Also, the fragrance is so relaxing.

Finally, for chapped lips  I like the Artistry Lavish in Cashmere Lipcolor with Vitamin E and Macadamia Oil.  This is a super moisturizing formula that heals my chapped lips.   However, it’s available  for a limited time so I’m stocking up.  Go to and click on the Our Store>Beauty tabs to find my favorite products and contact me through this blog if you have any questions.

*My Five Favorites for Conquering Dry Skin posted Jan. 6, 2012