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August 6 Reboot Day 12 and 13 A Night Out.

Missing Day 12 will be added in to Day 13 because I went out with my hubby last nite to Chipotle and a movie.  Dinner was great because I was able to order all fresh vegetables and guacamole.  Shared some chips with my date and they weren’t on the fast but they tasted amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  Everyone at the movies was munching popcorn and had oversize cups of soda.  Once the movie started I didn’t even notice that we weren’t snacking along with the crowd.  I thoroughly enjoyed our evening out and instead of focusing on food I was able to give my full attention to the special man in my life, my husband.

Day 12 has been a day of exercise, walked two miles with a knee brace and a day of preserving peaches and tomatoes.  The fresh peaches from Cavetown set me to wondering about what they were like in the Garden of Eden.  I’ll bet they were a favorite of Adam and Eve too.