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My Five Favorites for Conquering Dry Skin

Who is fighting dry skin this Winter?   Have you noticed that your skin is producing less moisture and the cold and heating systems are stealing what’s left?  Or have you noticed that as you age your skin is becoming dryer and Winter makes it worse?  Dry skin is so uncomfortable and will get worse if it’s not conquered.  So, here are five of my favorite weapons for capturing moisture and conquering dry skin.

All five are manufactured by Artistry.  The  Artistry brand is the one that I trust because I’ve seen the care and high standards they put into their product. They hold a top five global brand rating from Euromonitor International, plus I’ve been using and promoting Artistry skin care for almost 30 years.

The first step is to cleanse and protect your face.  A basic skin care system is a requirement in any season.  Those of us who have oily or balanced skin types in Summer use the Artistry Essentials Balancing System and during Winter we switch to the Artistry Essentials Hydrating System.  At less than 50 dollars for a 4 – 6 month supply this is a bargain.  For more mature skin the Artistry Time Defiance Skin Care System gives you rejuvenation and peace of mind.  For a limited time this system is on sale, go to to check it out.

The next step is to find some special treatments to deal with the extra dryness.  I love the Artistry Intensive Skin Care Renewing Peel.  In just 8 minutes this product works like a professional peel and it turns itself off so that you don’t have to worry about overdoing it.  It clears the top layers of dead skin cells so that the hydrating products are more easily absorbed into your skin.  Use it twice per week for a softer, smoother face.

After the peel, apply the Artistry Moisture Intense Masque and feel your dry skin come back to life.  All day your skin will feel buttery soft and it prevents future drying.  This masque also works well on cracked and battered hands.  Rub it on after a shower and leave it on overnight.  You will be amazed at the results.

For dry spots the Artistry Essentials Moisture Plus gives you instant hydration where you need it most.  It’s a light, vitamin-rich oil which improves your skins ability to seal in moisture.  Just a drop on the extra dry spots provides added moisture and can also be applied over makeup throughout the day.

Finally, for all of us who have skin allergies ( mine happens to be a reaction to wool), the Artistry Essentials Soothing Creme quiets and sooths upset skin.  Apply it on clean skin before bed and the red, scaley patches disappear overnite.  My Mom has also found relief from redness and itching.  This creme is  recommended for sensitive skin.

So ladies,  these are your weapons for battling dry skin and I think they will become your favorites too.   None of these products are what I would call big ticket items so they should fit well into your budget.  The Artistry brand is found on our website, >shop our store>Beauty tab.

The next article, Pt 2, will discuss body butters and lotions for those  cracked hands, and flakey arms and legs.   Part 3 is for the men, especially those of you who work outside or your hands are in water all day.  Check back next week and as always your comments and questions are welcome.

August 1 Reboot Day 8 Results

Results are what this fast is all about and at this point  it’s time to reveal some of the positive  physical changes that are taking place.  First of all I’ve lost 8 more pounds since starting the fast, 20 pounds in all since changing my eating habits in April.  The rosacea on my face has gone into remission and the excema on my left hand is clearing.  My knees are less stiff and painful but still hurt.  Sleep is much better, sound sleep versus waking every 2 to 3 hours.

The best result I think is the cleansing of my taste buds.  Fat, salt and sugar tend to overpower the flavor of food, masking it’s taste.  Usually it takes 2 weeks to clear the palate so that you can experience and appreciate the flavor of fresh vegetables and fruit.  I have a heightened experience of taste now that I didn’t have before.  Fresh corn unslathered, sun ripened tomatoes, sweet cucumbers, peaches that taste almost perfumed and mint from the backyard are incredibly delicious and I’m not craving fat, sugar and salt either.   The juices made from these gifts of nature are delicious and satisfying.  Waxing poetic over vegetables and fruit, a great unexpected outcome!